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7 Creative Ways to Market My Property

You don’t have to look far for inspiration on creative ways of marketing your own home. Here, we share some of our top tips to help you get even more interest in your property and ultimately, find your perfect buyer.

Your decision to sell your home privately already signals your willingness to go above and beyond for the best price, and this commitment can easily be applied to the art of finding creatively ways of marketing your home. 

By using social media platforms and new technologies to your advantage, you can ensure the highlights of your home are displayed to as many people as possible — in ways perhaps that you may not have previously considered. 

Here are some creative marketing methods to advertise your property and get results: 

1 – Give cash for sharing on Facebook 

Of all of the social media platforms you can use to market your property, Facebook is surely one of the most powerful.  Social media stats show that 60% of Australians are active on Facebook, by far having the greatest reach of all the social platforms.   

One Canadian family put some of the money they would have spent on agent commissions to good use when they advertised their home on Facebook and asked friends and family to share it.  

If a share led to the sale of their home, the family promised to pay $1000 to the person who shared their property listing thereby proving one of the oldest marketing techniques in the world — word of mouth —  is often the most powerful. 

2 – Make a Movie 

Think of all the things you love about your property. Make a list of the prominent and positive features your home has to offer a new buyer and consider how best to showcase them in a YouTube video. 

A real estate agent in the US wished to highlight the features of a gorgeous, family-friendly home in Orange County, California. They made a creative YouTube video featuring a group of children playing hide and seek. The goal of the film was to highlight how spacious the property was, as it toured viewers through the home while children ran into corners, hiding from and being discovered by, the roving camera. 

Video is a hugely popular medium, and it pays to put a bit of thought into how you will showcase your home. While even the simplest of video footage will set you apart from your competition, this marketing technique can go viral if you do it well.   

3 – Paint a Picture 

Instagram and Pinterest are ideal apps for evoking emotions and may be the perfect way to capture the best features of your home with a personal touch. They give you scope to photograph beautiful, curated shots and filter them to create a specific mood. 

For example, you might capture the view from your home by sharing a photo of two wine glasses perfectly positioned on your back veranda,  or you may want to focus on the luxurious appeal of your updated kitchen through some gorgeous food photography. 

Or you may even choose to post a photo of your brightly coloured front door and your children’s gumboots artfully arranged outside, hinting that your property makes for the perfect family home. Using photography to paint a picture of what it’s like to live in your property is immediately appealing to many prospective buyers.  

4 – Put pen to paper 

If you enjoy writing, you could blog your experience of selling your very own home by detailing your favourite parts of the property and what you have loved most about living there. You’ll require strong writing skills and some clever thinking, but blogging is an extremely clever way of marketing your home. It doesn’t feel like an ad, yet if you write and share your blog on social media you could reach a broad audience. We’ve seen exceptional examples at BMP, the most memorable and creative of which was a blog written from the perspective of the house being sold. Each blog recounted fond memories that had happened within its walls.   

5 – Use your humour 

You could also try using some humorous copy in your property’s listing description. These sorts of ads work best when your property may not be in the best shape, needs renovating, or is an acquired taste in terms of design or style. By being upfront and comical about your property’s attributes, or even some of its quirks, people are more likely to share your listing with their friends, and someone is bound to realise your property is a great steal for the right person. 

Here is a great example: 

“Do you want a low-maintenance home in a relatively stabby-free neighbourhood? Do you want to live within walking distance of five bars? In the event of a cardiac emergency, wouldn’t it be nice to be only three blocks away from Lancaster General Hospital? Well, I have the home for you. Casa Dobermino is on the market” the ad begins. 

It continues: “Built in the 1940s by skilled artisans and stonemasons, this property at 739 N Marshall St. could be the work of angels. Probably Hell’s Angels, but no matter. I bought this house in 2004 because I wanted to adopt a dog from the Humane League and my roommates at the time didn’t want a dog. So naturally, I walked out of my apartment and bought the house for sale by the owner directly across the street.” 

The rest of the ad can be found here 

6 – Creative Photography 

Think about exciting ways you can photograph your home to highlight its best features, whether that is an architectural style or fantastic location. 

While most people steer clear of placing people in property photography, it can work if done well. One couple made quite an impression when they re-styled their mid-century home to match its era and photographed themselves in Mad Men-style poses. Creative and stylish, the people only enhanced the marketing. 

Their real estate ad can be viewed here. 

7 – A Bird’s-Eye View 

Many real estate agents are employing drone footage to show the size of the property and for an aerial view on the home, but there’s no reason you can’t have a bit more fun with drones. The bonus is you can get a drone that captures video quite cheaply. If your garden has lots of trees, think about flying your drone among the branches or adding a music track that matches the vibe of your house. 

Most importantly, remember that when you are selling your own home, there’s no reason to be constrained by traditional selling techniques, and tapping into a latent creative skill can really pay off.  Any of these creative ways of marketing can help your property stand out from the crowd, help get you noticed and get sold faster.