Preparing Your Property • 

8 Cheap Ways to Get Your Home Auction Ready

Each open house is important, but none are quite as significant as the final inspection by buyers on the day of your auction.

Naturally, you should have already done the hard yards when preparing your house for sale, including decluttering your property, giving the walls a fresh coat of paint if needed, and fixing any required repairs.

However, preparing your home for auction involves going the extra mile.  It’s one thing to have a neat and tidy home, but it’s another to truly wow your buyers as they undertake their final inspection before auction time.

However, preparing for auction needn’t be expensive. There are a few quick and simple things you can do to prepare for the big day that cost you less than $100 in total.

Squeaky clean

Hire a professional cleaner to make sure all your bathrooms are sparkling, the floors are vacuumed and mopped, and your entire home looks and smells brand new. Pay close attention to mould in wet areas, as it can be off-putting to buyers. If you’ve kept the house clean throughout your Open for Inspections, this shouldn’t be expensive. And if you’re a super tidy person who loves to clean, you could do this yourself and save the money for something else on this list.

Cost: $40+

Let the light in

If the weather cooperates on auction day, showcase all the natural light your home has to offer by leaving the lights on and keeping the curtains open. On a hot summer day, let the sunshine in while keeping inside temperatures nice and comfortable using fans or air conditioning. If your auction is during winter months, make your home warm and inviting by leaving the heating on or lighting a fire. 

Cost: Free

Mow the lawn

Considering that most vendors decide if a property appeals from the exterior, a freshly mown lawn adds immeasurable street appeal.  While buyers may not notice if the lawn is mowed, we guarantee they will notice if it isn’t.

Cost: Free

Opt for flowers

Flowers make a home more cheerful, while adding a touch of professionalism. Ideal placements for your floral arrangements include somewhere near the front door, the kitchen or living spaces and the master bedroom. By all means, feel free to splurge on some expensive floral arrangements. However, a beautiful bunch of flowers from your local supermarket will suffice. The best part is they shouldn’t cost any more than $10 per bunch.

Cost: $30

Pack personal items away

People will look through cupboards to inspect all the space your property has to offer, so it is best to keep your laundry items hidden and well out of the way. All kitchenware should be washed and put away. If you have pets, it’s best to ask friends or family to pet-sit for the day.

Cost: Free

Remove yourself from the situation

We understand your memories and family photos are precious. However, by removing these personal items, you’re allowing potential buyers to truly envision themselves living in that space. Enabling buyers to create this vision is an extremely powerful tool, and boxing up all your personal items will make moving out that much easier.

Cost: Free

Add subtle fragrances

While scented candles are a lovely touch, try not to use anything overbearing, but rather opt for something lightly fragrant and fresh. Clean scents make your space more inviting, which helps people feel at ease. Supermarkets are a great spot to find fresh, linen-scented candles at a reasonable price.

Cost: Free

A bottle of bubbly

Everything we’ve listed so far comes to a grand total of $75, which leaves you with $25 to spend. Such a memorable moment deserves a worthy celebration. A bottle of sparkling wine is the perfect way to celebrate the occasion with your successful buyer.

Cost: Up to $25+

Unlike private treaty sales, auctions create a heightened element of emotion and urgency. Cleanliness, neutrality and creating a sense of “home” for your potential buyers will ultimately ensure your success. Remember, just because you decide to sell privately doesn’t mean you can’t sell by auction.

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