Are For Sale Signboards Necessary?

Your ‘For Sale’ signboard sets a clear statement to all that your property is for sale. It’s your property’s 24/7 sales professional who never stops working for you.

A number of people ask us whether for sale boards are necessary when selling a property. Our answer to this question is (almost) always, yes! If you can place real state sign boards outside the front of your property, then it is a worthwhile investment.

For sale sign boards help you spread the word that your property is on the market by capturing the attention of passers-by and giving them a glimpse of what lies within.

They also signal to potential buyers that you are a serious and professional seller, who has ensured that their property is professionally marketed using the best sign board possible.

In most instances, however, they work wonders. Depending on the type of signboard you decide to use, passers-by will have access to all the information they need, such as three enticing photos of your home, a brief summary of the property, how to find your listing online, and your direct contact details. Potential buyers could even ring you on the spot if they chose to.

If you decide to sell your property with us at Buymyplace you’ll have access to the same quality marketing materials and advertising exposure as agents, signboards included.

When should I not include real estate boards in my campaign?

We only recommend not purchasing a sign board for sale in these limited circumstances:

  • If you are selling or renting an apartment in a high-rise building, consider the need for signboards, as they are not likely to be effective.
  • If you are selling or renting a property that is part of an owners’ corporation or body corporate, there might be restrictions against installing a signboard, so be sure to check these conditions first.

In all other situations, we strongly recommend having house for sale signs or a for sale sign board.

What do signboards for sale with Buymyplace look like?

Below is a snapshot of our range of real estate sign boards so you’re better prepared to select the right marketing campaign for your property. 

Small ‘For Sale’ Signboard – 600 x 900 mm

This real estate sign board is the smallest in our range. It is included in our Basic Campaign, which is the ideal campaign choice for selling blocks of land.  This board is printed on corflute (industrial, waterproof plastic) and will be delivered to your property for easy self-installation within five business days from when you purchase your campaign.

If you’re keeping to a small budget, then this signboard will suffice for properties located in outer suburbs, where foot traffic is typically less than metro city areas. These small sign boards are also useful for lower-level, street-facing apartments, where passers-by could see the sign from your balcony.  Just be sure to triple check restrictions with your owners’ corporation (if applicable).

Small ‘For Lease’ Signboard – 600 x 900 mm

This signboard is a replica of our small ‘For Sale’ signboard, except it advertises rental properties and is included in our Professional Rental Campaign. Once again, if your property is affected by an owners’ corporation, be sure to check it with them before installing your board on the grounds.

Medium ‘For Sale’ Signboard – 1200 x 900 mm

Our medium ‘For Sale’ real estate sign board enhances your local presence, as its larger size captures the attention of passers-by. This board is included in both our Basic+ Campaign and our most popular Professional Campaign.  Your direct contact details are professionally printed on the signboard, making it easy for potential buyers to get in touch with you to find out more.

Large Photographic ‘For Sale’ Signboard – 1800 x 1200 mm

Our largest, most eye-catching signboard is designed to attract maximum attention due to its inclusion of your professional property photos and description.  This sign board is included in our Ultimate Campaign, which is our top-range, all-encompassing marketing campaign.

There are a few property types that really benefit from this photographic signboard. If your property is located on a busy street or near an intersection, it will no doubt catch the eye of many people travelling past or sitting at stoplights. If you’re selling a rural property, photographic signboards are an ideal way to engage local traffic. If you wish to go the extra mile, you can even purchase a photographic light-board, which illuminates your board at night.

Open For Inspection (OFI) Directional Signboard

Open For Inspection boards are a great way to encourage and guide all potential traffic to your property when you host your open home. These are especially useful for properties located in cul-de-sacs or suburbs that are tough to navigate through.  Open for inspection signboards are included in both our Professional and Ultimate Campaigns.

The images aren't a true representation of actual size. 

Make them work for you

‘For Sale’ signboards invite curiosity, giving buyers a reason to pause outside the property and learn more about your home’s most attractive features.

It’s important to note, too, that you are not limited to the signboard within the campaign option you choose.
If you think a Basic campaign is sufficient for your circumstances, but you’d like to maximise your local advertising, you can always add a bigger, more effective signboard to your campaign.

If you need some practical advice on which option is right for you, call us on 1300 003 726.  We're always more than happy to help.