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How to Create a Winning Property Listing

Nowadays, buyers use the internet as their #1 tool for finding their next property, meaning your online listing is your most valuable advertising tool.

Online competition is high because every other property on the market is listed right there with you. Your listing must be sharp, as it dictates how many buyers will review your listing and, therefore, how many inspect your home in person. The more buyers that inspect your home, the more likely you are to achieve a successful sale.

So, let’s review how to create a winning property listing using the three main components: your property photos, features, and description.

Property photos

Your photos are the first thing buyers will notice about your listing, and they will shape buyers’ first impression of your home. So, make it count.

Where possible, we recommend choosing the façade of your property as your hero image, as it sets the tone for the rest of your listing. More importantly, buyers place heavy importance on whether they’d be happy for their friends and family to know it as their home.

Professional photography

Pretend the images below represent two different online property listings. If you could only click on one listing to see if it is worth inspecting, which one would you choose?

Self-taken photography

Professional photography

Professional photography makes all the difference, doesn’t it? At face value, both images communicate that this is a modern home. However, the professional photographer’s wide-lens camera enables you to see just how spacious, bright, and stylish the house truly is.

Our advice? Don’t skip out on professional photography. It could be the difference between selling your home quickly and languishing on the market. 

Property features

This section of your listing gives you the opportunity to highlight your property’s key selling points. Features fall into three pre-set categories: Outdoor Features, Indoor Features, and Climate Control and Energy.

When searching for property, buyers can use filter functionality to narrow their search results based on these features, which is handy if they are looking for something specific. Of course, the importance of property features will vary by buyer.

To keep your listing powerful and concise, think about the type of buyer that would best suit your property. What is most important to them? Use this information to select a maximum of 10 features and let your property description take care of the rest.

Property description

Your property description gives buyers a deeper understanding of what your home has to offer. Be sure to include the perks and unique qualities your property has to offer, as these add perceived value and can help increase your sale price. If they are reading your description, they are likely intrigued enough to book an inspection.

Keep it light by using positive, enticing, and simple language whilst remaining true to your property’s attributes. Your description should be informative yet concise – the perfect balance between providing all the juicy details and leaving buyers wanting to know more.


Buyers have the option to search for property using keywords. As such, your description empowers you to use keywords to describe the property features that you did not select in the Property Features section.

Some of the most popular keyword searches include beach, views, acreage, pets, heating, and gym. Don’t shy away from including bullet points, as they are an effective way to portray essential information in an easily digestible manner.

If writing isn’t your strong suit, our in-house copywriting team has years of experience in crafting powerful messages and would be delighted to help you. Learn more about our campaigns. 

Wrapping it up

The key to creating a winning property listing is knowing how to present your property to buyers. Spending some extra time and energy to ensure your listing impresses every buyer that crosses its path is well worth the investment.

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