How to give your property that jaw-dropping look

It's a well-worn cliché, but first impressions count.

Before the digital age, ‘curb-appeal’ was the priority for home sellers. Nowadays, buyers turn to the internet to search for property, which makes your online listing your most valuable advertising tool.

Since a large majority of people are visual, your property photos are arguably the most important aspect of your listing because they can significantly influence buyers’ interest. The more buyers are interested in your home, the more buyers will attend your Open for Inspections, which ultimately gives you a higher chance of receiving an offer. 

All this to say, your property photos are responsible for buyers’ first impressions of your home so let’s make it count. These tips will help you give your property photos, and in turn your home, that jaw-dropping look that will leave buyers wanting more.

1. Hire a professional

Put your “buyer” hat on for a moment. Let’s pretend the images below represent two different online property listings. If you could only click on one of these properties to learn more, which would you choose?

Self-taken photography

Professional photography

Professional photography makes all the difference, doesn’t it? At face value, both images communicate that this is a modern home. However, the professional photographer’s wide-lens camera enables you to see just how spacious the room truly is, which adds inherent value to the home.

Remember, your property listing will rarely be seen in isolation. In online search results, buyers will constantly compare your home to other properties in the area. Professional photography is a fantastic way of contributing a sense of prestige to your listing, which will help you stand out amongst the competition.

2. Be your own interior designer

Before your property’s photo shoot, take the time to prepare, declutter and style your home.

Pack up all your personal items and keep them safely stored away. Everything from framed family portraits to the ample items in your skin care routine should be out of sight. Also, play around with the furniture in your home and move them further apart. You’ll be interested to find that this little trick can help give a room the illusion of having more space.

If possible, give the interior of your home a fresh coat of neutral-coloured paint. While bright magenta can be a lovely colour for a bedroom, it may not appeal to the masses. Keeping your property neutral allows buyers to imagine themselves living there. The more they can envision themselves in that space, the more likely they’ll want to learn more.

3. Let there be light

Natural light helps open a room and make it feel fresh and inviting. During your property’s photo shoot, let the sunshine beam through the windows to make your house glow.

To compliment the sunshine, consider adding greenery or fresh flowers in various rooms throughout the house. They will add a pop of colour and help breathe life into your home.

4. If it doesn't come with the house don't shoot it

Taking photos of items that don’t come with your property is a waste of a photo spot. While your gorgeous, antique-filled cabinet is extremely impressive, focus on the room in which it lives rather than the cabinet itself.

Be sure to showcase the spaces that buyers attach the most value to, such as a newly renovated bathroom, the kitchen or your spacious backyard.

5. Reflections

If you decide to take your own photos, make sure your reflection cannot be seen in any mirrors or glass surfaces, as this can seem quite unprofessional. If you’re using a professional photographer, you shouldn’t have to worry about this but it never hurts to triple-check.

6. Garden of Eden

If you’ve got an outdoor space, don’t forget to show it some love. After all, it is best practice to showcase the façade of your home as the first image on your property listing. So, the lawn should be mowed, shrubs should be neat, and flower beds should be tidy. Be sure to exclude rubbish bins, vehicles, and seasonal decorations from the photo shoot too.

7. The more the merrier

Thanks to the 21st century, the amount of space left on your camera roll is no longer a concern. Get creative by experimenting with different angles of every space and take multiple shots. This way, you’ll have more photos to choose from when deciding the optimal combination of images with which to showcase your home.

Making your first impression count is all about mastering your online presence. This is the time to put your best foot forward and present your home in its best light. The more eyes you can capture in search results, the more enquiries you’ll receive, which in turn will bring you closer to finding your perfect buyer.