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Real Estate Secrets to Advertising My Property

Marketing your property effectively is all about presentation. Here, we share our real estate marketing secrets to help you in advertising real estate.

How does advertising your own property compare to advertising with an agent? If you decide to sell your property using a private real estate company like Buymyplaceyou’ll have access to all the same marketing opportunities as professional agents do. It’s just a matter of knowing the available options and how to use them to your advantage. 

Professional Photos Make the Best Impression 

First impressions count, especially in real estate marketing. In fact, they say it takes the average person 5 seconds to create a first impression. If you want buyers to attend your Open for Inspections, you must spark their interested first. 

When searching online for real estate, the first thing buyers will notice about your listing are your property photos. While the quality of iPhone photos is quite impressive these days, there’s nothing quite like professional real estate photography. Professional photographers combine wide-angle lenses and proper lighting exposure to give your property extra dimension and showcase it at its best. 

Maximise Your Exposure 

Ensuring you have the right advertising on the major real estate websites such as and Domain is critical to the success of real estate marketing. 

According to, 57% of their website visitors don’t click past the first two pages in search results. Properties are listed on the market every day, which means your listing will be pushed down the ranks in search results over time. 

To ensure you maximise your online advertising of your real estate, invest in Upgrade Listings Both and have boosted listings designed to move your property closer to the top of the list.  Beginning with a Standard Listing, the default listing type, each level upgrade gives you more exposure than the last. 

Keeping a close eye on where your property ranks in search results will help you gauge the level of upgrade you require (if any) to remain competitive in the market. 

To Be Seen, or Not to Be Seen 

Your ‘For Sale’ signboard is a key element to any real estate marketing campaign.  Not only does it signal to the market that your property is for sale, but it also indicates to buyers that you are a serious seller taking a professional approach to selling your property. 

When it comes time for you to host Open for Inspections, your ‘For Sale’ signboard will also inform buyers that they have the right home.  For sale sign boards are an important part of a comprehensive approach in advertising real estate.   

You should also consider using an Open for Inspection sign to direct people to your property. These are especially handy for apartments and properties hidden in complex suburbs. 

The Open-Door Policy 

The more buyers that visit your property in one go, the higher the sense of competition among buyers will be. Schedulyour Open for Inspections around the same time as other inspections in your area. This allows you to capitalise on the foot traffic already generated by other homes in your area and buyers will be more likely to drop by because it’s convenient. 

Keep in mind that buyers may be keen to view your property, but they may be unable to make your scheduled inspections. Consider offering private inspections to those people to keep all your doors open. 

Have a Plan 

If there’s one element of a listing that’s underestimated, it’s floor plans. In fact, properties without floorplans rank as one of buyers’ biggest frustrations when searching for property online. 

Floorplans help buyers envision the layout before they even inspect the property. If anything, this entices them to attend the inspection so they can compare their vision to reality. 

Little Moments, Big Memories 

Property brochures are a great way to make your home memorable after potential buyers have inspected your home. Your brochures should include a description, floor plans and photos to showcase the key features of your property. If you’re facing a competitive market, these little souvenirs are the perfect way to be remembered and provide your buyers with your contact details. 

Wrapping It Up 

When selling privately, you have access to all the same marketing and advertising tools as agents do. Since you’ll be saving thousands in agent commissions by selling your own property, don’t be afraid to spend a little extra to give your property the professional real estate marketing campaign it deserves.