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Tips for Selling In a Buyer's Market

Presentation and hard work are key when selling in a buyer’s market

When you’re selling your property in a buyer’s market, you need to raise the bar. Presenting your property listing in its most attractive light is what will set you apart from your competition, and is the key to attracting genuine buyers (other than dropping your sale price). The more you’re willing to put into sharp and effective marketing, the better the result will be.

Here are our top seven cost-effective marketing tips to make your home stand out.

1 – Focus on the Visuals

We can’t overstate just how crucial professional photography is to your marketing campaign. If you know a photographer friend who can help then it may be time to call in a favour, or, failing that, hiring a professional.

Ensure you include an image of the front of your home and aim to schedule your outdoor photo shoot on a sunny day or at dusk, depending on what time of day your house looks its best. Turn on all of the lights (inside and out) and pull up the blinds to let as much light in as possible.

Don’t forget to showcase your property’s unique features too, including a swimming pool or a great view from your balcony.

2 - Opt for Virtual Tours

If you’re reasonably tech-savvy or if your budget allows for it, consider drone footage or a virtual tour of your property. Virtual tours make for great video clips to include in your property listing as they essentially ‘walk’ your prospective buyer through the space. If you are using your social media networks to advertise your home, videos are great for engaging viewers. Think outside the box and opt for creative strategies to attract buyers. 

3 - Invest in a 'For Sale' sign

Does your property receive plenty of foot or drive-by traffic? If so, be sure to place a ‘For Sale’ signboard out front. Your signboard flags the attention of passers-by and acts as your 24/7 sales presence.

If you decide to sell privately with us at Buymyplace, all our campaigns include signboards. If your budget allows it, opt for a photographic signboard which offers three images, a description and your contact details to entice potential buyers.

4 - Persuade buyers with copy

Once you have convinced potential buyers to click on your listing, you will need a persuasive property description to keep their attention.

Be sure to cover the key features of your property, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, unique property features, and information on your local neighbourhood (proximity to schools and shopping centres, for example). Make sure you spellcheck your work and ask a friend to review it for errors.

If you’re not confident with writing the description yourself, enlist the help of a professional copywriter. At Buymyplace, you can add copywriting services to your campaign at any time.

5 - Include Take-Away Brochures

Even though we live in a digital society, brochures are a quick and cheap memento for buyers to take home after visiting your Open for Inspections.

You can also take the dog for a stroll while you drop them off in letterboxes around your local and surrounding suburbs. If these residents aren’t looking for a new home, they may know someone who is.

6 – Open Your Doors to Buyers

Hosting Open for Inspections is a lot easier than you think.  Contrary to what agents might tell you, we’ve found that buyers love interacting with private sellers because they can ask questions and get direct answers.

Aim to host your Open for Inspections on a variety of dates and times. Research whether other homes in your local market are hosting inspections and schedule yours around the same time. Prospective buyers may be more inclined to visit your property if they’re already in the area. It’s also advantageous if you offer inspections by appointment, as it gives buyers plenty of choices.

7 – List your home widely have conducted studies that reveal some 86 per cent of buyers use the internet as their primary method of searching for property, which is why it is so important your property is listed on as many real estate websites as possible.

If you choose to sell your property privately with us at Buymyplace, you’ll receive a Standard Listing on Australia’s leading websites like and, among five other sites.

Ultimately, when you’re selling your home in a buyer’s market, the stakes are raised. Your property’s marketing campaign needs to be slick and professional, and you must leave no stone unturned in your bid to attract a buyer.

While you can’t control the market, you can control how much effort you put into ensuring your property stands out from the crowd.