Selling Privately: Explained • 

5 Reasons You Are The Best Person To Sell Your Home

If you have ever thought, 'I can't sell my place privately' or that you're not qualified enough, then trust us when we say that have everything it takes to sell your own home. We understand that your property is the most meaningful asset you'll ever own, and it's for that exact reason we believe that your home is best placed in your hands. 

1. You have one focus - your home

Agents are responsible for multiple listings at once, which means their time and attention is always divided. However, you only have one focus – getting the best outcome for your property.

With the private sale method, you have the flexibility to adjust the way you sell your home however it suits you best. For example, when hosting Open for Inspections you’re not limited to an agent’s schedule. If Saturday mornings don’t suit you, host one in the afternoon. If you think the traditional 15-minute window is too short, host inspections for 30-minutes instead. The point is that you’re in charge, so you’re empowered to do what works best for you.

2. No one knows your property better than you

The advantage you have as the owner, is that no one knows your home better than you. You intimately know its ins and outs, such as the sunniest spot in the garden, the average monthly electricity costs, how easy it is to maintain the house, and the best cafes in town.

Personal insights like these are the reason buyers love to deal directly with you, the owner. Plus we're always here for help and support, from how to present your home for sale, to setting a price. 

Think you should be more informed about your local market? Thanks to the rise of technology, data and information are more accessible than ever before. A bit of online research is all it takes to find the answers you’re looking for – and this doesn’t need to be difficult. Besides, if you need some guidance, we offer Comparative Market Analysis reports that can save you time in finding information on your local market. Simply contact us to get started.

3. Put your hard-earned dollars back in your pocket

On average, a traditional agent’s commission rate can vary between 2-3% of your sale price. At first glance, 2-3% doesn’t sound like much. However, if your property is worth $600,000, an agent’s commission would amount to nearly $20,000. We think $20,000 is far better suited in your pocket than anyone else’s.

4. Cut out the middleman

Some say buyers feel uncomfortable looking at homes when the owner is present, but our vendors report that this a myth. In fact, prospective buyers tend to enjoy a more direct relationship with homeowners because they can ask questions about the property and get immediate responses. With the private sale method, there is no middle layer to delay the sale process.

5. A simpler conversation

Negotiating the price of your property is simply a conversation. It gives you and your potential buyers an opportunity to be open and honest about your respective needs. Since you will have met during Open for Inspections, a rapport will have already been established between you, which makes it a friendlier experience. Plus, you have greater transparency over the negotiation processes and can better control the outcome.

That being said, we understand negotiations aren’t comfortable circumstances for everyone. If you decide to sell privately with Buymyplace, professional negotiation advice is always on offer.

At the end of the day, selling your house privately is about believing in yourself. With the power of the internet and the in-depth knowledge you have of your property, no one is better for the job than you. Besides, if you get stuck, we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.