Selling Privately: Explained • 

More Reasons to Sell Your Home Privately

There are considerable rewards to selling your home privately, including a more efficient process and a strong sense of satisfaction.

The internet has made the process of selling products and services easier and more profitable than ever before. It has levelled the playing field and given control back to consumers – especially when it comes to selling our own assets.

On sites such as eBay, Gumtree, and, we can sell everything from kitchen cutlery to vehicles without the need for an agent or middle man.

Selling a property is no different, of course. In fact, a whopping 86 per cent of potential buyers say they largely use the internet to search for a property.

Adding real estate to the list

We understand that selling your own house isn’t quite as simple as selling kitchen cutlery on Gumtree, and there is a little more effort required.

But, there is also much more money at stake, with the average seller saving $20,000 on agent commissions. Furthermore, you will be pleased to discover that private selling is a lot easier than it looks, with most privately sold properties spending a total of 90 days on the market.

If you decided to sell your property yourself, you would pay $0 in commission and instead pay yourself the $20,000 in saved money for 14 hours of your time. Why 14 hours? That is the average time it takes a buymyplace customer to sell their home.

The emotional rewards

Of course, the benefits of selling privately extend beyond the financial savings.

Our vendors say one of the best things about selling privately, other than saving thousands of dollars, is the rewarding experience. They enjoy the process of taking charge of their sales journey, and managing it as they see fit.

After all, our home is our biggest asset and it’s worth putting the time and effort in to ensure the campaign proceeds in the manner you would like.

You can be flexible

Agents have multiple properties to manage at once, but being a private seller means you no longer have to work around their busy schedules. Weekdays don’t suit you? You can host your Open for Inspections on the weekend. Or if your schedule is hard to pin down you can take inspections by appointment only. Most agents host 15-minute inspections, but you can take your time and get to know your potential buyers’ needs over the course of 30 minutes if you wish.

Increased efficiency

When you sell your own home, everything from answering questions about your home to reviewing and accepting offers becomes more efficient. If potential property buyers have questions then you are there to give them the answers. When someone makes an offer you are actively and directly engaged in the price negotiation process, so there is no need to second-guess the information an agent is relaying to them.

The outcomes

Of course, one of the best reasons to sell your home privately comes down to the success of our online model. In our 2018 Customer Survey, we found that:

  • 86 per cent of customers received the price they expected
  • 82 per cent of customers sold their properties in the time they expected
  • 99 per cent of customers would recommend selling property privately to others

The Instruction Manual

When selling your house privately, can choose between a range of packages with various degrees of professional help.

All our campaigns give you the essentials, such as getting listed on all the major property portals and a ‘For Sale’ signboard. However, if you want your listing to stand out to potential buyers, our Ultimate campaign gives you access to professional photographers, copywriters and an upgraded listing.

Once you’ve created your listing, done some research and set your sale price, you’ll be ready to put your property on the market.

When the right buyer comes along, you’ll negotiate the sale price, accept the offer, and pop open a bottle of bubbly because you’ll have  just saved $20,000 by selling your property yourself. 

Nothing to lose

At the end of the day, the decision on whether to sell privately is yours to make.

With most private real estate companies, your property stays listed until sold or until you decide to withdraw from the market. So, if you try selling your property yourself and find that this process isn’t for you, the option to switch to an agent is always available.

The way we see it, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.