What are the Property Portal Rules I Need to Know?

The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) forms part of your agreement with Buymyplace when listing your property for sale or rent using our platform. As such, your listing must adhere to these guidelines for it to be published on our property portals.

Below is a summary of the dos and don’ts of listing your property on the market. These will guide you when creating your property listing and help ensure your property journey is smooth and seamless.

Listing a Property: For Sale and For Rent

Do Don't
List a real property for sale or rent

List anything other than real property for sale or rent

(example: car spaces, boats, portable homes, etc.)
List a property for which you have the legal right to sell or rent List a property that you do not own or have legal rights to sell or rent

List multiple available dwellings located at the same street address, using one unique listing per available dwelling.

(example: Janice owns three units located at 5 Smith Street. Therefore, Janice publishes three listings, one for each unit she owns. Janice is not in breach of the Acceptable User Policy.)

List multiple available dwellings located at the same street address using a single listing.

(example: Janice owns three units located at 5 Smith Street. However, Janice only publishes one listing that advertises all three of the units she owns. Janice is in breach of the Acceptable User Policy.)

Rental Listings

Do Don't
List a full property/unit for rent List individual rooms within a share property for rent

List a long-term rental property

(example: 12-month rental term)

List a short-term rental property, such as a holiday rental.

Note: a rental term of 3-months or less may be deemed as short term

Property Listing Details

Do Don't
Use the components of your listing as they are intended.  For example, enter the property address in the address field.

Use the components of your listing to display information that is not in line with their intended use

(example: Do not enter your contact details as the hero title of your listing)
List your property with accurate information, including your property address. List your property using false or unofficially recognised information

(example: listing your property in a suburb that is different than as stated on your council rates notice)

Taking Your Property off the Market

Do Don't
Change the status of your property to either Sold, Under Offer or Leased within 72 hours of receiving a signed contract pertaining to the sale or lease of your property Fail to update your status within 72 hours.

Property Photos

Do Don't

Use imagery that accurately reflects the property being listed for sale or rent.

The first image of your property listing must be that of the exterior or interior of the property itself.

Use photos, drawings, illustrations, or other imagery that does not reflect the property being listed for sale or rent.

Use photos with people or pets in them.

The first image of your listing must not be anything other than an image of the property itself.

(example: using photos of properties other than the one for sale or rent; using a ‘lifestyle’ image as the first image of your listing, such as a local/public amenity)

Use photos without watermarks, borders, and text

Use photos with significant watermarks, borders, and text that detract from the quality and purpose of the image.

This also applies to photos that contain branded marketing materials or objects, including those belonging to Buymyplace.

(example: Do not include your For Sale board in your property photos)
Use one photo or video per frame on your listing Use image collages or other combinations of imagery and/or video within one frame on your listing

Please note, this is not an extensive or complete list of the AUP as set by our property portals. To learn more or to read the Acceptable Use Policies in full, please click here for Realestate.com.au, and click here for Domain.com.au.

Breaching the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

If your listing is in breach of the AUP, it will not be published on the property portals. If your listing has already gone live, it will be taken offline until the breach is rectified.

Our Customer Support team will be in touch promptly to notify you of the breach. They will also provide guidance on how to rectify the issue so that your property can be published as soon as possible.

If you require further clarification or need assistance with any of this, please contact our Customer Support team at 1300 003 726

or [email protected].