Selling Privately: Explained • 

Why Should I Sell Without an Agent?

The first reason is: it’s easy to advertise on without an agent. If you hold a real estate agents license, that is.

There are many reasons to sell without agents. No agent property is not a thing of the future; in fact, it’s something that we’ve helped over 6,500 property owners do since 2007.

Selling without a real estate agent will not only will you save thousands on expensive real estate agents commission, but you’ll get your property listed on the major real estate websites such as and Domain. You’ll also have access to professional marketing materials such as photography, signboard and brochures, with no agent necessary.

At Buymyplace, make your no agent property sale, or leasing your no agent rental properties, a no brainer.

What is “Private Selling” or “No Agent Property”?

Private selling or no agent property is when the owner of the property elects to sell their property without an agent. This includes advertising their own property and dealing directly with potential buyers to successfully sell the property themselves.

In using this method of selling real estate, vendors pay one upfront cost, meaning they can save on expensive real estate fees. The traditional model of paying real estate commission is no longer serving sellers, and it’s time for a much-needed change.

Can Anyone Sell Without an Agent?

The short answer is yes. In our many years of experience, we’ve found that anyone can sell property without an agent.

We have worked with a variety of vendors since 2007, more than 6,500 in total and each seller has their own motivations for wanting to sell without an agent. If you have a good knowledge of your property and some basic computer skills, then you can sell it yourself and save a lot on real estate agent fees.

Find out more about selling your house without an agent here or create your free account to see how simple the no agent property process is.

Why Sell Without an Agent?

The benefits of selling without an agent are endless, but there are a few positives worth highlighting. Our customers repeatedly tell us 3 things they love about selling real estate without an agent:

1 - Savings - more money in your pocket

One of the primary attractions to selling a house privately is quite apparent. The average Australian saves $20,000 in agents commission and real estate agent fees by selling their property through Buymyplace.

Real estate agent commission percentages average 2-3% in Australia. Sellers with no agents not only save these real estate agents fees, but also save expensive marketing costs that are usually paid to agents. In Australia, these fees are $5,000-$10,000 on average. That’s how much real estate agents make Australia on your property, in average terms.

So, you stand to save quite a lot on real estate selling fees by selling your home without an agent.

2 - Control - you have the power in your no agent sale

No agent real estate may seem scary at first, but it’s actually an empowering experience. Our vendors love being able to make their own decisions, especially when it comes to how their property is advertised and what is communicated to their buyers.

Vendors also have the greatest knowledge about their property, making the process of how to sell property without an agent quite efficient, as you’re the best person to sell your own place.
When you’re in control of selling your property, you’re in control over the experience that potential buyers have and their first impressions of your home.

Agents are busy people because they have several properties to manage at once, but when you’re in control, your number one priority is selling your own property. Selling a house without an agent can be convenient, as you have one on one access to interested buyers and you can work within your schedule to find mutually convenient times to show them through your home.

You have control by effectively taking on the role of an agent, saving real estate commissions in the process. In selling a house without an agent, you have access to the same audience, but without the agent.

In selling your house privately, this in no way limits your ability to advertise your property like a true professional.  And of course, we’re here to help!

3 - Transparency - the importance of being upfront and open

Transparency is a word that many sales professionals use, but unfortunately some of them do not abide by, with many of our vendors telling us they’ve been burned by agents who were just after a quick sale.

In selling your home without an agent, you’re the one who signs off on your advertising and you’re the one controlling the narrative with prospective buyers. This means you can ensure a transparent process that is upfront and honest.
You also know what buyers are saying, as you’re hearing the feedback firsthand. When you sell without agents, no middleman means greater transparency, with the added benefit of controlling the costs of selling a house and paying no real estate sales commission.

No agent sales mean the information that’s being communicated with the potential buyers is verified and controlled by you. You are responsible for the negotiations, and when and if to accept an offer, and you are not relying on the word of the agent. Selling with no real estate agent gives you the opportunity to adhere to a high standard of ethics and transparency.

Selling your much-loved property should be a celebratory occasion, and not one that is dependent on the ethics of a sales agent who may or may not have your best interests at heart.

We’ve included some real life case studies on the importance of transparency below.

What do real estate agents do?

You may be deciding between choosing a real estate agent to sell your house and selling a house privately without a real estate agent.  We’ve provided a summary of what real estate agent’s actually do, to help you make this decision and to truly highlight how simple and supportive our no agent property process is:

Real Estate Agent Buymyplace
Listing on all major real estate websites Yes.  Agents will often strongly encourage you to spend $5,000 - $10,000 in marketing costs, regardless of how competitive your local market is. Yes.  At Buymyplace, we only recommend the marketing you need, which is based on an analysis of your local market to determine where your listing will appear on the real estate websites.   This means no unnecessary costs to you.
Arrange marketing materials such as photography, sign boards and brochures. Arranged through the agency. 

Done by you, using our easy to use website.

All content is controlled and reviewed by you, at your convenience.
Copywriting of property description Arranged through the agency.  Done by our in-house copywriter in consultation with you, to ensure your description captures all the important features about your property.
Creating the property listing and sending it to the major real estate websites Done by the agent.  If changes need to be made, you raise a request, and it happens during business hours. Managed by you, whenever you like.  With your Buymyplace account, update your listing at any time.  Make unlimited changes for no extra cost. 
Setting open for inspection times Set by the agent, at their convenience, based on their other surrounding appointments.  Usually limited to 30-minute appointments, twice per week.

Set by you, at your convenience, based on when you’re free.

Host as many as you like, for as long as you like, as often as you like.
Hosting open for inspections Done by the agent, who knows limited information about the property. Done by you, the owner of the property who knows the most information about it and is best placed to answer buyers’ questions.
Answering buyers’ questions and following up Managed by the agent.  Agents usually manage the sale of 10-20 properties at any one time. Managed by you, with one property to sell as your top priority.
Negotiating sale price and closing the deal Managed by the agent, based on feedback they give to you about the interested buyers.

Managed by you, based on the information you get firsthand from the buyers directly.

If you need expert advice, we have our real estate experts on hand, waiting to guide you to get your best price.
Arranging sale contracts Not done by the agent, they leave this to you to arrange. We have a partnership with a national conveyancing firm, lawlab, who can assist with your needs.

Being a real estate agent in Australia has become simpler with the advent of technology. 90% of buyers find a property via real estate websites such as and Domain, making the question of how to sell a house without an agent an easy one to answer.

Do Buyers want to deal with No Agent property sales?

The feedback we get from our sellers and their buyers is a resounding - Yes!  Most people we hear from love the transparency and honesty that comes with selling without an agent.  Buyers tell us that they appreciate having their questions answered by the people who have lived in the house and the neighborhood; and that’s just intel a real estate agent won’t have.

And let’s be honest – as a buyer, dealing with an agent can be intimidating!  Buyers find it refreshing to deal with someone just like them.  In fact, search terms such as “houses for private sale” and “no agent property sales” are very popular and growing.

What if a buyer has a buying agent in Australia working with them?

Dealing with a buyer’s agent can be intimidating.  With Buymyplace, we can connect you with our in-house real estate experts that can give you negotiation advice on how to best deal with any scenario; even that of dealing with a buyer’s agent.

What about no agent rental properties?

Many landlords elect to be private landlords, which means they self-manage their no agent rental properties.  If you want to know how to rent out a property without an agent, we have several cost-effective campaigns to help you with that.  No property agent, no worries!  And best of all, no agent commission or management fees!

Need more?

If you’re ready to sell without agent, sign up to create your free account.  If you’re interested in no agent property rentals, we can help with that too.  Create your account here.

If you’re still in the process of deciding or you need more information, book in to talk to someone here.