Selling Privately: Explained • 

Should I Sell My House Privately?

Selling a house privately is empowering and rewarding, opening the doors to great possibilities.

Unlike more traditional methods of selling property, selling privately gives you complete control over the process of selling your home and puts the power in your hands.  You get to take the driver’s seat and sell it your way. You realise greater efficiencies because the layer between you and your buyers is removed.

Private house sales are becoming more and more popular, as both buyers and sellers seek a more transparent process without the middleman.

With more freedom throughout the process – from scheduling inspection times to deciding how best to advertise your property for sale – it’s all on your terms.  And better yet, you could earn thousands of dollars in savings, which would have otherwise been spent on an agent’s commission.

While the private seller market is still becoming fully recognised throughout Australia, there is no wonder that private houses for sale make up 20-25% of all real estate sales in a number of other major countries!

Technology gives you direct access to the buyers to sell your property

It’s a well-known fact that most buyers find properties on the major real estate websites.  Gone are the days where agents had a network of buyers to connect you with. All of the research is happening online. 

In helping you with your private house sale, the first thing we help facilitate is the listing of your property on the major real estate websites, where you’ll be seen by relevant and interested buyers in your market.

Same advertising opportunities with more flexibility

Selling property traditionally via an agent will usually result in a six to eight-week marketing campaign, consisting of print-based advertising, listing the property on major real estate websites and a series of Open for Inspections.

What’s great about selling privately is you have access to the same advertising opportunities as traditional real estate agents do, except you have greater flexibility to decide what works best for you. As we have previously outlined, your property is still advertised on Australia’s major real estate websites.  However, whether you choose to invest a few hundred dollars more to boost your listing’s exposure in search results is at your discretion.

You also have the freedom to sell your property according to your schedule. When it comes to Open for Inspections, you may choose to host a 30-minute inspection rather than the traditional 15-minute window to give more buyers the opportunity to view your property.  Or you could host your inspections at a time outside of the traditional Thursday evening and Saturday appointments.

With the same advertising opportunities, it’s no surprise that the average time it takes to sell a property privately matches the industry average.

If $20,000 was up for grabs, would you take it?

Our clients report saving $20,000 on average in agents’ commissions.  Not only that, but they also report spending an average of 14 hours on the process of selling their own home – an average saving of almost $1,500 an hour.  With this type of reward up for grabs, it’s no wonder that our group of companies has helped over 20,500 property owners do since 2007.

Simply put, selling privately is a smart and financially savvy alternative to the traditional real estate method.

What if I need help to sell my property?

We’re here to support you, every step of the way!  Decided on a private sale process, but need to know how to sell your house?  No problem – we’re here to help.  If you’d like to find out more about selling privately and how we can help sell your own house, let’s have a chat. Call us on 1300 003 726 or get in touch here. Alternatively, browse the range of options available to you to sell your own property here